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  1. Joan Conway says:

    Exquisite Susan


  2. RonaLee Syme says:

    Fantastic work!


  3. Beautiful work Susan. I look forward to meeting you and seeing some of your stained glass work. Thanks for contacting Francis this morning. We’re in Port Alice now and then, so will make a point of touching base sometime in the future. Truly good work you’re doing here for the community … Arts & creativity is so important in for the human soul. Cheers – Bruce.


    1. hmmm nice to “meet” you on the phone … prior to which i have heard nothing but good things from the locals !!! and in the library this morning chatting with Laura she mentioned this very blog as well !!! looks like we read a lot of the same stuff !!!

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  4. Gail says:

    Beautiful gallery susan


    1. Gail, I have added several photographs of your work here in port Alice to the visiting artists page on http://www.portalicelife.ca …check it out


  5. Ann K says:

    By the proliferation of gorgeous work, one would think you had been in Port Alice half your life! Can’t wait to see it ‘in person’.


    1. looking forward to your visit and tour of several local studios and galleries showcasing the best of North Vancouver Island…


  6. Lynda Biggs says:

    By chance do you sell glass I’ve just started and I’m still learning so if you have classes would love to attend.


    1. yes i do offer classes … and i might even be persuaded to sell some glass …LOL

      where abouts are you … i have a group of people who are interested in learning and so will likely offer some classes through the later spring and into the summer
      i will add you to my possible list and give you an email … would that work for you !!!


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